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karma “what goes around comes around”

People never cease to amaze me, some are genuinely caring, compassionate, empathetic, and all round beautiful souls, while others do not let me go there, you can imagine what I am thinking. It could be that I am starting to see the true colours in individual’s personalities as I watch from a distance interaction of loved ones after someone dies.

happy new year!

From the song “The Story” the lyrics go like this:\r\n\r\n” All those lines across my face,\r\n\r\nTell you the story of who I am,\r\n\r\nSo many stories of where I’ve been,\r\n\r\nAnd how I got to where I am,\r\n\r\nBut those stories do not mean anything,\r\n\r\nWhen you’ve got no one to tell them to,\r\n\r\nIt is true I was made […]

trouble is you thought you had more time……..

If you have ever heard the song “Time” from Dean Broady, like me, you most likely heard the verse “trouble is you thought you had more time” then you continued to listen to the words, and like me again, you are trying to hold back the tears, or heck maybe you let them roll. The […]

does age matter…young or old…..

Many of us, not all, but I can guarantee some individuals when we are going through the Sunday paper and are checking out the obituaries, to see if anyone we know may have passed away recently. I find that we often ask “How old were they?” like it makes a difference…. Does it? When a […]

joining the dialogue

For myself and please remember that this is my personal journey and my opinions alone, I am constantly educating myself with grief and loss. So I often find myself seeking information and discussions that are structured around death, to better Dragonfly Advisory Services and helping those families who have lost someone. Because remember I am […]

strength in numbers

If you read the blogs from the start you will remember that I mentioned I would express my thoughts and travels of my new journey. So today is a bit off track from my usual grief and loss notations.\r\nIf there has been anything I have personally gained from my experiences is that there are many […]

provide ongoing support

You know how we all say “Sometimes looks can be deceiving” well guess what, the same runs with grief. It may be hard to believe but grief often takes time, it may be months or even years, but I promise you it is a lot longer than most families think. You cannot assume just because […]

roller coaster effect

It’s like riding a roller coaster, some days you are up and some days you are down. We very seldom knows what is beyond the bend, unless of course you rode on this ride before. Plus it is almost like being at an amusement park, your emotions are running high and then all of a […]

dragonfly symbolic or mystical

I was asked this week a curious question “why dragonfly?” when I was choosing a name for my business.\r\n\r\nIt never once occurred to me that my personal story about the name might interest someone, but it did so I began the story…. When I was finished she asked if it was there for all to […]

it’s all about me…..

One thing that is for certain, when you are caring for an ailing family member, palliative care, or long-term illness, finding time for yourself is virtually impossible. Everyone tells us constantly to make time for yourself, do not burden yourself, and ask for help if you need it. YEP we hear it all, but what […]