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take time and reflect

It is difficult at times, to try and remember the “good times” without thinking of the “bad times”. I find that no matter how many years past, we find ourselves thinking back and reflecting on what has been, but wishing for what could have been, and then the tears start to roll. Maybe that’s why […]

“friend”, “foe” or “family”

Life sometimes does not make sense, all of a sudden you are on top of the world, and in the next minute it is all going to shit. It often happens so fast you did not see it coming, like the tsunami hitting the shore. In a longer term illness or palliative care we often […]

the right thing to say….

The Right Thing to Say…..\r\n\r\nAs I grow with my new journey with Dragonfly Advisory Services (DAS ), I have had many conversations with individuals who have just lost a loved one. Even though I have felt the same emotions as they have maybe not necessarily on the same scale, “I Get It” and I even […]

the 5 stages of grief, will i get acceptance?

There are some great books today that deal with grief and losing a loved one. One of my favorites is “Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief” by Martha Whitmore Hickman. There are so many popular books you often wonder where do I start to read? It is said that there are 5 […]

“it gets easier” or does it?

Recently I found that whenever you meet someone and they are having trouble moving forward, maybe a first holiday after a loss you often hear “It gets easier”. I often want to say “really?” or “says who?”. Maybe that’s a little sarcastic I know but it is the truth. I do not care how many […]

those firsts vs the special

The one thing I love about blogs is the honesty factor, it is like writing in my diary as a teenager, except now I do not have to hide it under my bed from my sister, but expose it for all to read!\r\n\r\nAs the days follow after a loved one dies, I find I often […]

first time

So today is my first time-BLOGGING! So be patient it may take me a few time to get it….\r\n\r\nMany have asked me why did I start “Dragonfly Advisory Services”? I have a pensionable job, close to retirement, why do it? Well here is your answer….\r\n\r\nA loss of a love one SUCKS!!! I am not going […]