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“it gets easier” or does it?

Recently I found that whenever you meet someone and they are having trouble moving forward, maybe a first holiday after a loss you often hear “It gets easier”. I often want to say “really?” or “says who?”. Maybe that’s a little sarcastic I know but it is the truth. I do not care how many […]

those firsts vs the special

The one thing I love about blogs is the honesty factor, it is like writing in my diary as a teenager, except now I do not have to hide it under my bed from my sister, but expose it for all to read!\r\n\r\nAs the days follow after a loved one dies, I find I often […]

first time

So today is my first time-BLOGGING! So be patient it may take me a few time to get it….\r\n\r\nMany have asked me why did I start “Dragonfly Advisory Services”? I have a pensionable job, close to retirement, why do it? Well here is your answer….\r\n\r\nA loss of a love one SUCKS!!! I am not going […]