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Work Benefits such as Sunlife, Manulife and Greenshield.


Financial Institutions, credit cards, loans and mortages.


Community support programs such as Home Instead and Red Cross.


Insurances such as life, automobile and house.


Cable, phone, internet, Canada Post notifications.


Medication Disposal and Medigas

About Us

Dragonfly at a Glance

It is the mission of Dragonfly Advisory Services, to provide a personal touch and lending hand. To help guide an individual or persons after the loss of a loved one.

We will be a support tool and aide function in helping you assist with matters, affairs or concerns after a death. It is our belief that time helps recuperate and we as a whole can utilize some assistance every so often.

Our goal is to assist and work with you, and guide on what needs to be done today. It is also important to remember that some things can wait till tomorrow.

It is our caring nature for you not to get overwhelmed, and to support you in a positive environment.

We are located in Capreol and service the Greater Sudbury Area. We are available onsite or in our office location.

We offer a reasonable rate of $45.00/hour, with an option of a flat rate based on your needs. You deserve to be able to grieve a little easier.

In Home Service

Personal & Confidential

Caring Nature

Positive Support Environment

Meet the Owner

Joy Wirta is a lifetime resident of the Sudbury Area, where she was born and raised her family.

She has been involved as a volunteer for over 20 years serving on many committees and boards across the region.

Employed with over a decade of service with Canada Revenue Agency, she holds to great value confidentiality and privacy.

After dealing with personal losses herself, she recognized a need for a support program within our community to deal with the affairs after a family has said their final goodbyes.

Joy Wirta


News & Tips

life, death & choices


LIFE, DEATH & CHOICE When life hangs in the balance we often associate choice with maybe our physician, EMS, 911 operator. Most of us hope never to have to be in the position where our life hangs in the balance. Usually the pattern we have chosen in life is often the choosing will in death, […]

true or false, socially acceptable-posting condolences


Social Media has itself received a lot of negativity in recent months, in respect to posting pictures - of life altering events, such as car crashes, accidents, hell even a recently deceased individual. Authorities are asking society as a whole to think before they "Post". I question this one as really, they need to ask?

water bugs and dragonflies


There are so many sites now about grief and the journey, it is astronomical. OKAY… maybe the distance between the centre of the earth and sun is a bit far fetched, but you get the idea.

the hidden grief


I have kept this blog of loss, grief and what to do next till this Sunday Share for a very good reason, as my milestone birthday comes in a couple days and I turn 50, it also brings to light a different form of grief, “The Hidden Grief”. You see for those readers that do not know this, I was adopted. The term used growing up loving by siblings was “the chosen one”. 50 years ago on August 1, 1967 I was born Darla Tina, my birthmother at that time had a grief of her own, one that she had to go through in silence and secrecy, but it was still a grief and loss.


Get Started

Aftercare "Where To Start"

When we lose someone we love, we are all lost in the beginning.

After we have lost a loved one we often feel overwhelmed. Where do I start? What do I do? Where do I go? The grief process itself is a long journey, and we are often challenged with insurmountable paperwork.

Through this program, you will be able to confidently know, you are protecting your loved ones identity, while making sure government issued documentation is cancelled, and forms are submitted within a timely manner.


Death Doula’s

Who We Are and What We Represent

As a death doula we are pioneers in the way dying currently is and returning to what dying once was.

Death is a common factor for all of us, we are born we die. Death plays a big part in our lives, we see our family and friends die as we grow old, or sometimes way too soon. There is much fear in dying and many unknowns, and often there are misconceptions of dying.

A Death Doula offers support, guidance, education, and comforting presence, while delivering compassion and empathy to the individual dying as well as the enclosed circle of family and friends.

A Death Doula can start working with the dying as early as diagnosis, assisting with legacy work, vigil and aftercare. A death doula is a practice that can work from start to beginning, from diagnosis, dying process, and funeral. A death doula is a non-medical, non-judgemental role.

As a death doula we are pioneers in the way dying currently is and returning to what dying once was. Everyone deserves a chance to die the best possible death for themselves, and no one should die alone.




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