A Personal Touch & A Lending Hand.
It Is The Mission Of Dragonfly Advisory Services, To Provide A Personal Touch And Lending Hand. To Help Guide An Individual Or Persons After The Loss Of A Loved One.​
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Death Doulas
We are pioneers in the way dying currently is and returning to what dying once was.
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What We Do

We work with decision makers after a death has occurred with a multiple range of services.*

Working with the individuals we assist in challenging conversations from financial institutions to work and health benefits.*

Making notifications to government agencies.*

Assisting with disposal of medications and pick-up of rental equipment.*

Household account name changes, updates and cancellations.*

Referrals on community services and programs.*

*Disclaimer: All of the above services are worked with the decision maker (executrix, executor) after the death has occurred to assist in navigating systems and having health conversations with organizations and services.

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LIFE, DEATH & CHOICE When life hangs in the balance we often associate choice with maybe our physician, EMS, 911 operator. Most of us hope

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TRUE or FALSE, Socially Acceptable-Posting Condolences

Social Media has itself received a lot of negativity in recent months, in respect to posting pictures – of life altering events, such as car crashes, accidents, hell even a recently deceased individual. Authorities are asking society as a whole to think before they “Post”. I question this one as really, they need to ask?

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Water Bugs and Dragonflies

There are so many sites now about grief and the journey, it is astronomical. OKAY… maybe the distance between the centre of the earth and sun is a bit far fetched, but you get the idea.

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I have kept this blog of loss, grief and what to do next till this Sunday Share for a very good reason, as my milestone birthday comes in a couple days and I turn 50, it also brings to light a different form of grief, “The Hidden Grief”. You see for those readers that do not know this, I was adopted. The term used growing up loving by siblings was “the chosen one”. 50 years ago on August 1, 1967 I was born Darla Tina, my birthmother at that time had a grief of her own, one that she had to go through in silence and secrecy, but it was still a grief and loss.

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