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When life hangs in the balance we often associate choice with maybe our physician, EMS, 911 operator.

Most of us hope never to have to be in the position where our life hangs in the balance.

Usually the pattern we have chosen in life is often the choosing will in death, if you stop to think about it. How many times have we heard the expression “he died like he lived”

Today there are new patterns being examined, more choices than ever before. As a society we are evolving. The right of choice has surpassed any expectation. “Death with Dignity” “Dying with Dignity” “Right-to-Choose”

When your life is hanging in the balance, you are faced with multiple choices, not with the choice of death, but the choice of living while dying. “Hospice Care” “Palliative Care” “Nursing Home” “End-Of-Life-Care” “Your Home” “Death Doula”

Just recently I had a conversation with someone who had their own life hanging in the balance. They had their own “Come to Jesus” moment, on who and when they wished to die, and were seeking their rights and options on choices.

As I mentioned briefly in the beginning most of us hope, to never be in that position, where our own life hangs in the balance. BUT if you had to think about it, do you know your own choice?

Each and every day in life, we are faced with making choices. Maybe about our families, careers, or as easy as what movie to see.

Have you ever thought of what your choice in death might be? When should we get our facts? Before that unexpected diagnosis, when our emotions are in tacked, and not blowing our sails in the wind or when faced with those choices?

Recently in a poll, more than 8 out of 10 Canadians supported physician assisted dying. Today Canadians more than ever support choice.

So the question I ask, is when do we start in our life, before death discuss our choices?

Till next time……