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So today is my first time-BLOGGING! So be patient it may take me a few time to get it….\r\n\r\nMany have asked me why did I start “Dragonfly Advisory Services”? I have a pensionable job, close to retirement, why do it? Well here is your answer….\r\n\r\nA loss of a love one SUCKS!!! I am not going to sugar coat it, or make all smell pretty like roses, it just down right sucks. Regardless if you have been caring for maybe a parent suffering from a disease such as cancer, you have watched them riddle away to nothing, suffer daily, struggle to do the easiest thing like putting on their shoes. YET that day comes, their breathing becomes shallow, you know it is time, you prayed nightly for them to go in peace it happens. It still SUCKS! Or you may have lost someone quickly an accident, never got to really say the things you wanted to…It still SUCKS!\r\nIf you are a parent yourself at the time, you may still be expected to go daily, make hockey practice or maybe drop of your little one at dance, knowing that it still does not make the grieving any easier.\r\n\r\nAnd than tomorrow you not only have to possibly go to work, start all over with the family, because laundry needs to be done, little Johnny needs his uniform ironed. Than you need to find time to call maybe a utility company because, your deceased moms bill is still racking up amounts because hydro never got the notification that she no longer lives there. It seems to you that yes I know rates are high, but GOD must be giving them a credit up there, really as you play it in your mind. I started Dragonfly for that purpose exactly. I get it…. dealing with the day to day challenges after you lose someone is hard, we try to get from one day to the next as easily as possible. I am not a grief counsellor or a therapist, I am not a funeral director, I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, someone who gets it, who struggles after losing her dad suddenly, than wait lets just add to the drama and take the mom to a few months later, why not add more stress, more paper work. It added up quickly….over the years we had more loss. It took years for more to figure out there was no reason to have to do it alone. And recently after a loss, the challenges were getting harder and more difficult as those around us that age also. So here we are today, taking my life skills learned, not what my text book education was that’s for sure, but personal experience, and knowledge gained over the years, my integrity, who I am today rolled up into one Dragonfly…. I would like to think that it goes away the grief, the anger, resentment, but it doesn’t. I learned to accept, deal, adjust and work with not against. Some days are easier than others.\r\n\r\nSo this is my first blog… I promise to try and stay focused, share links of importance, and photos from my personal journey as I go forward in my new walk of life.