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Water Bugs and Dragonflies

Recently I was having coffee with a very inspirational, strong, and beautiful soul. She has had a journey of her own, and we were discussing ways of dealing with grief, and loss. As our conversation continued, we discussed options within our community, challenges, grief counsellors, and got on the topic of writing our emotions, or blogging for some.

There are so many sites now about grief and the journey, it is astronomical. OKAY… maybe the distance between the centre of the earth and sun is a bit far fetched, but you get the idea. One of my favorites, with exception to my own…for obvious reasons is, Chasing Dragonflies a blog with wordpress.com . If you have never had a chance to read some of her material, you should. Even if you yourself has never had a loss or experienced grief, this one is a game changer emotionally, and it also tells a story of Water Bugs and Dragonflies.

There is a quote from a 9 year old child that is mentioned. “Life is like a car, sometimes it will breakdown, but you can fix it and drive on” Now this is a life quote from a 9 year old, who gets it. Maybe we can to.

My point is, we all need a way to express our grief, for some it may be writing, making a journal expressing their deepest and darkest feelings, others may find talking to a third party helps also. This is not to say that everyone, who is going through the first steps or last of grieving has to put their words down for everyone in  the world to see, it is just to mention that often just putting words down, is a good start, to begin healing.

There are many ways to start finding peace, and often times, your way is helping another, without even knowing it, and you are helping them find their peace also. Till next time………