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We all change after we lose someone, no question about it? We learn to move on after our grief, try to find some meaning in what just happened, or maybe we just become a better person, learn not to take life for granted. Regardless there is a “New You”. Myself, I like to think that I became a better person, grief is always with me, not a day goes by that I am not thinking about my parents, or John’s, especially while I sit in my office, that represents alot of our parents and who they were. Being validated in what we do is a must, knowing that I am making a difference in my community is essential for me. I need to make sure that when I make a business decision, it is based on what I felt like after those first few days of losing my parents, when I was not so numb, and could remember to breathe. When my dad had his heart attack it was unexpected, and then days later a stroke, that would end everything as we knew it. The night he passed away, a couple floors above in the hospital, was a friend of mine, awaiting the arrival of her first grandson, my dad died and he was born. Bittersweet emotion at its finest I will admit. Days later at my dads funeral, I introduced my friend to my mom, within minutes of the introduction my mom says” Yes, hi how is that beautiful grandson of yours? I was so happy that my Gerry was able to leave this world so that your little guy could come into it” That was my New Mom, focusing her grief and loss, into the new little ones coming into our world. She truly believed that people had to leave this one to make room for the new ones. Who am I to question her beliefs? Each and everyone of us become, a new version of ourselves when someone we love dies, and hopefully a better person after time. It sucks, no questions about it! But I believe that Dragonfly Advisory Services would not be here if I had not lost my parents and in-laws, and become a “New Me”. Taking the negativity and finding a new chapter in life has been rewarding, and like my mom, I have my beliefs also it may not necesarily be hers, but mine has its own merit.” We only know what we need to know in life, and if we did not need to know, we do not know. ” Yep that sums it up pretty much, If you never lost someone close to you, you do not know. One day you will, I can guarantee, and you will become a “New You” too….. till next time