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If you have ever heard the song “Time” from Dean Broady, like me, you most likely heard the verse “trouble is you thought you had more time” then you continued to listen to the words, and like me again, you are trying to hold back the tears, or heck maybe you let them roll. The point is we all do it or say it, next year I am going to do that or will try to become more involved. Maybe it will just be as simple as spending more time with family. 2016 is finishing, and I know myself that change can be humbling. Like many of you that read my blogs, we have lost loved ones this year also, and will remember ones lost over the years as the holidays approach. As most know I started Dragonfly Advisory Services to make a difference, to change the way “Aftercare” is approached when we lose someone dear to us, that we do not have to do it alone, that we can take the time to grieve and know there is someone there to help guide us with the paper work and process. BUT guess what? I have been humbled, until I made an informed decision to get involved with my community, and please understand I have always volunteered with organizations, I had just never taken the time to see what really happens in my community, and I have not been so humbled. I had a conversation yesterday with a friend (Kylie), who mentioned that next time I was volunteering to let her know, and I just went on and on lol about what great programs and people there are in Greater Sudbury, and Kylie herself had just had a great “Pay It Forward” moment when she purchased a Christmas gift for her own daughter but ended up giving to a family in need. In my new role, I have had the opportunity to learn and get involved with so many great people, there are individuals that have endless energy and doing everything humanly possible to better our community and help those in need. Vanessa Seiger works with “Operation Scarf Sudbury”, The Rotary Club of Sudbury Sunrisers are working with such programs as “Elgin St. Mission”, “Fill the Crib Campaign”, The Women’s Centre has “Dry Bottoms Initiative” and then there is “Money Collection” with The Salvation Army and today my husband and I had the welcoming opportunity to work along some amazing students, men and women such as Nikki Sage and Angel Therese with Home Instead Senior Care, “Be A Santa To A Senior” that Lisette and Wayne Wirta have been running for many years! The list is endless! So when you all make your New Year’s Resolutions this 2017, maybe think about getting involved with an amazing organization, and spending some time outside of your comfort zone, research the programs mentioned, what they represent and how you may be able to get involved or any other organization out there. Let’s not wait for an event in our own personal life to impact us and we ourselves say “I thought I had more time” to make a difference. Merry Christmas Everyone and A Happy New Year, and a special thank you to all our volunteers out there. Till next time, in 2017