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When do we call it quits?\r\nHave you ever questioned yourself? Wondered if you have had enough? Thought to yourself\r\ncan I take anymore? I think at some point in life, we all have, each and everyone of us have\r\nreached our wits end, thinking enough is enough. I know I have, and I most likely think it at\r\nleast once a week over one issue or another. Life likes to throw us curve balls, and make us\r\nquestion life. Some of us hit the challenge head on while others might put their heads in the\r\nsand hoping it will go away. Is there a right and wrong? If you have a family member or friend\r\nwho is ill, and you know there is no quality of life, to pray that they do not wake up that next\r\nmorning, or have mixed emotions when they do, telling yourself at least I have one more day.\r\nWe struggle with our own inner emotions regularly and allow our bodies to become so stressed\r\nover things that regardless of prayer or care, really are out of our hands and in Gods. For\r\nsome, each day that we get out of bed can be a challenge. If we have lost someone recently or\r\nknow someone we love will soon be leaving this earth, it can be hard to go about our daily\r\nactivities and pretend all is okay. So what about watching the grieving? You know they are in\r\nthe depth of a loss and trying to keep themselves together, but how much can we help? We can\r\nbe compassionate and have empathy, but what are the boundaries and when are we enabling?\r\nIt’s a tough question, and many struggle with it. You want to help, but think maybe I should just\r\nthrow in the towel, I quit ! It is an inner struggle constantly. So find peace in knowing you are\r\nnot alone, take a deep breath, replenish your body and soul in whatever way works for you,\r\nthen push yourself to the limit and do it all over again! The end result will be worth it. Just Don’t Quit. Till next time ….\r\n\r\n