People never cease to amaze me, some are genuinely caring, compassionate, empathetic, and all round beautiful souls, while others do not let me go there, you can imagine what I am thinking. It could be that I am starting to see the true colours in individual’s personalities as I watch from a distance interaction of loved ones after someone dies. More times than not I am truly blessed to see the humanitarian in people trying their best to alleviate the suffering of others, while on that odd occasion I see the worst come out, like the devil making his presence from the bowels of “HELL”. Seriously I kid you not! I am starting to wonder, was it always like this? Was I just too young or naïve to see it for what it was? Or is the economic and social impact of a death that great that individuals have a greater need than grief itself? There is no question that a death of a loved one is a devastating event, regardless of the cause, and that the “physical stress of grieving” can accelerate every living fiber in your body, causing a very disturbing feeling, and this would be enough to maybe set off some internal fireworks. But is it really necessary to aim it at those so close to us, to take out the anger and uncontrolled circumstances with the ones that are having trouble breathing also? If you have lost someone close to you, it should not be regarded as a paycheque… seriously is that what our parents have taught us, is this what the deceased would want? Has the cost of a funeral, or cost of living increased so much, that we need to disregard those around us, and start a yard sale before the body cools? I am sorry life can be a bitch I know, been there done that, but I do believe that we have to get back to some basics, some integrity, understanding, and downright humanity, stand in solidarity after someone dies and be that support person, and try to work together not against each other. I myself still have faith in humanity and maybe I am a little blind, but I will continue to look for the “good” and people, and pray for those dark souls that come from the bowels of hell, when a death has occurred, because I believe in “KARMA” just saying…..till next time…….\r\n\r\n