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Of lately, I have noticed a lot of programs coming together to support loved ones after a loss. AWESOME! There was a time I remember when there was maybe one or two in a community that was a “Grief or Bereavement “Group, and many times it was in a church or hall basement. That was how it was for me 10 years ago this week, March 7th it is just around the corner, a time and day when we had to say good-bye to my mom. A time when the snow starts melting away, the sun starts to shine and for me a time of remembrance. WOW 10 years and well I survived! Believe me, like many stories I hear today, I was not too sure if I would. I often wondered if others felt this overwhelming sense of relief and regret at the same moment, weird I know but oh so true. Support groups are often a God send, they “get it”, they are people, just everyday people like me who feel the same anger and resentment. Today support grief and bereavement groups are at their best. You can find them virtually everywhere, online, social media, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you get the picture? Everywhere, there is no reason anyone needs to face reality alone. Do not get me wrong, I was happy to have a grief counsellor available, and great and wonderful friends to talk to, they may not have lost a parent yet, or a loved one, but they were there and had the ability to support me in many ways, even if it was just with a bottle of fine wine. Knowing that you have family and friends is great, but in an age where technology is available and you need not even leave your home on a snowy day is awesome. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and dealing with grief alone, hook up as I say with some amazing organizations, I will share some links for you to consider. Till next time…..and enjoy that glass of fine wine with a friend.\r\n


  1. Grief Anonymous-Anticipatory Grief
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  3. Online Grief Support-A Social Community
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  5. Bereaved Families of Ontario
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